15 October 2009


IKEA! I love this place. Not just the furnies, linens and other home decors that made me love this place, it's also the food!

Stuffed salmon with chives medallions and baby carrots

Then after a full tummy we went back to the office. And since we arrived late already, no available slot to park the car on 7th floor. Good thing the rooftop is always available.

View from the rooftop.

Facing Tangs

View that night from the rooftop.

In this photo: Ion Orchard and Meritus


I was having my morning walk with my cousin just along the neighborhood. Homeowners and tenants here can use the space in ground level of some blocks for their parties/events just like the wedding set-ups under two of the blocks.

Their motif purple and pink.

Photos taken below were from another block with maroon motif. I think this one got nicer decorations and set-up. From carpet, lighting, flower arrangements and table settings, you would not notice it to be just under a building and not from any function area of any hotels.