21 February 2011


I woke up early, then me and fam went to cuz house early to join them for lunch. These on the table we've got to share.

Fish soup with pumpkin flower

Fried bananas

Sausages fresh from Valencia, Spain

My cuz Grace's roasted chicken

After the good lunch some family pics taken then off we sent our cuz to the airport for the night flight to Australia.

19 February 2011


Day 2 was not that much fun as day 1. Maybe because of some misunderstanding of cuzs' wives or something. But anyways, just the same, drinks & food to pig out on the table.

Frozen Strawberry Margarita

California Maki

Onion Rings

Chicken cutlets

Mixed Fruits Platter

Crispy Fried Frog legs
(but i didn't dare!)

Fresh Kilawin na Tanigue

We had nachos as well and grilled tuna again. Because of the frozen margaritas and talking-out-loud last night we woke up with throats sore. Good thing the comedic band performers saved the night. So good laughs still and cam shots everywhere that night. They had the beers for the road just before the band ended their set.

Another day ahead, counting the hours left before my cuz leave for the land down under again. We all hope to have another of these times.

Had a tiring afternoon and with sore wrist, i passed out easily and called it a day.

18 February 2011


I am for bonding moments with cuzs, good laughs, drinks and PIG OUT!

This is where we hang out on this part of Blue Wave, Bazzo Bar, asian bar & resto. Food & service is ok but in over all rating needs a little improvement on the punctuality and food presentation.

Anyways, time wasted so well with people you wanna be with, frozen margaritas & beers pouring, grilled & beer-match dishes on the table, and great sounds. We ordered all flavors of their frozen margaritas (blue, strawberry and classic).

Band performing that night

Grilled Tuna

Tuna Sisig

Beef with fresh unripe mango slices salad

Fried Boneless Bangus

Nachos with beef and cheese salsa

Sweet Chili buffalo wings

Chicken Lollipops

18-inch pizza to take home for fam!

We just had a real good time that we scheduled another round the following day (night before one of my cousins go back to Australia). My guy cuz drove us home and it was so late that time already. Imagine from Manila to south then to north part of Luzon where his home is.

17 February 2011


A get together with cousins and i was so excited. Since we are always busy and others staying overseas, seldom do we find time to be all together. Now this is the time, i mean later. For now, we needed to kill time while waiting for the others. There at Yellow Cab @ Moa was where we found comfort (food). :))

In the company of pizzas (four seasons and ny pepperoni) and iced tea (Sola's raspberry & lemon) we killed time!

13 February 2011


A friend gave this Buko Pie for my sister.  We got it still hot. Thanks!

I only had a slice though, but in fairness, it's the thought that counts.  This just made me crave for the buko pie we usually get from Los Banos (D'Original).  We really drove far, literally passing thru Laguna towns, just to get boxes of pies from there.

This photo below i downloaded from my flickr account, the one i took September of 2007, the last time i had tasted D'Original Buko Pie.

I love the thin crust, the young buko meat fillings (and not just buko slices but big cuts), and not so sweet taste. WTH! The craving must be stopped! :9

12 February 2011


My cuz arrived from the land down under, Australia, and we've always been pigging out since then. Like last Saturday we had these local dishes on the table: Monggo soup with Alugbati, fried tofu with pork slices in sweet spicy soy sauce, beef family recipe (with secret ingredients), steamed rice and crispy pata courtesy of our dear pretty friend Stace.

Thanks Manang and Manong!
Roasted pig made it on the table! Oh my BP!! LOL!
One of my favorite beef recipes! A specialty of the family.

The following week, tuesday, February 8, is my Uncle's 1st year death anniversary. Time went so fast since last year of the same month that we were grieving. Still, just the same, our family misses him a lot. May your soul rest in peace Uncle Oscar.

Anyways, in gatherings of the family he (Uncle Oscar) specifically liked a special native lechon on the table and so we got him this to commemorate his anniversary. Crispiness on the skin and juiciness of the tender meat blew the guests away forgetting BPs. Even i myself can not resist the tease!

Curse to my high BP! I was not able to enjoy much of the succulent dishes. What were there on the table? The Lechon, sweet and spicy prawns, fried chicken cutlets, beef mushroom & broccoli, bloody pork!, spring rolls, and palabok. For dessert we had buco pandan, moron -read as mooron (a native sweets from grind rice and cocoa--not sure if it got coco milk), colorful puto and choco marble cake. Oh my bloody sugar!!

Still waiting for my other cousin to be home (was to come early but attended a business trip to Spain) and for sure we will be pigging out again soon! Bar hopping hopefully for a post-vday celebration!


It was sad to hear about the death of these lovebirds Edward and Bella so my cousins got these little rabbits instead.  These cuties were named Jack and Jill.  Since this year is the year of the rabbit on the Chinese calendar, they are considered lucky.  They are soft to touch, fur so smooth and the colors nice and neat.

This is Jill in white and black fur.

This is Jack in white, black and brown fur combi.
Jill is always been the active one jumping around and even gets to eat the most part of veggies.
Nap time after a hearty meal for Jill.  Jack was still busy cleaning up himself before snuggling with Jill. So cute i want to pinch them! They are like stuffed toys.
Just then i know that their ears lowered down when resting.  Asleep but eyes opened and do not even blink.
Here is the top view of Jack and Jill resting.  They looked like those fluffy house slippers with animal heads.
I have been busy these past few days and was able to post only after almost 2 weeks since i took these shots.  Sad to know just early this week that Jill died.  Cause of death: Unknown. Suspect: That electric gadget my cuzs used in their home.  That produces soundwave that kills roaches and rodents. It says safe with babies and puppies or kittens but did not specifically say other animals that maybe harmful with.  Are rabbits rodents?  No, they are not but in some animal orders they are somehow related.  So i suspected that it (gadget) somehow affects animals like these rabbit sizes and smaller. 

Hang on Jack, cuzs will get you another Jill.  Edward was too weak losing Bella, died after few days. Poor birdie :(