29 May 2011


A fine day from down under!

Ahh, Autumn...the best season, yet, for me. It is that stunningly fall foliage colors which makes the season so beautiful. The colors of Autumn still is visible in this part of the world though not much local deciduous trees in the area. Fall or Autumn, however you call it, starts in the month of March until May.

"Autumn is a second Spring
when every leaf is a flower..."
-Albert Camus

"Winter is etching,
Spring a watercolor,
Summer an oil painting,
and Autumn a mosaic of them all..."
-Stanley Horowitz

Be an Autumn leaf-gazer. Walk out and be with the fallen. Every season got stories to tell. What would be yours ?


28 May 2011


Food post again yes. Can't help it. Just want to share that i do some cooking also at home and i love it. I got skills on it and cross-trained in the kitchen on some Saturdays during my off when i was still working in a former five-star hotel (well they used to rate the hotels with stars).

Last Sunday was a little get together at Uncle's place. And of course, i did the cooking. I cooked Nicole's favorite spaghetti though was not in the picture but it was yummy!

Now let me leave you drooling with our home food while you scroll down this page. *grins

The grilled was so tasty though i marinated them just for few minutes. My sis had the pork sliced just thinly so it absorbed the marinade quickly. What did we grill? Pork slices, chicken breast fillet, mini burgers & blue marlin slices. I made fruit salad for dessert. It chilled quickly in the freezer just in time for lunch. Those corn on cobs were what's left of it.

Bon Appétit!!!

22 May 2011


This is not a food blog but i just can not help posting what i had for the day.

It was so hot! The heat we got here now is such a killer! It triggers migraine and i engulfed almost all the water in the pitchers from the refrigerator. My nephew and i went out to get something and these we agreed to have. These halo-halo cooled us down for a moment.

Spring rolls, Pork Tofu and Pancit Canton were some orders we made to go with the halo halo. Kurt ordered his Pork fried rice as well. We went home so full. We ordered some palabok to take home for the rest of them at home.


This time with the kids still but @Glorietta4. Just chilling out! :)


This is a late post. These were my treat for my nephew who were one of the academic awardees of their school. Keep up the good work Kurt! You made us proud!

19 May 2011


I attended agencies pre-licencing seminar at POEA. I was able to know about the dos & donts when establishing an employment agency here. The laws were discussed, true to life examples were given, the punishments for violations were cited, & workers' welfare were set as priority. It was a whole day event and meals were provided for us.

For morning snacks we were served Arroz caldo and pork tofu and orange juice. For lunch we had these ones below.
I got big cut of relyenong bangus.

I got my rice, fresh veggie roll with peanut garlic sauce, karekare (beef in peanut sauce), barbecued chicken. I had four seasons for my juice.

For desserts i got some fresh fruit cuts and mini pearl with jackfruit slices in cream.

For the afternoon snacks we had the pancit malabon. Juices and coffee were made available. After the seminar, i felt so tired from sitting there the whole day. Good thing it was not traffic on the way home.

12 May 2011


I ♥ this flavored black tea, TAZO, @Starbucks, and mango has always been Kurt's fruity flavor favorite ever. I usually get cranberry juice (cloudy apple which i used to abroad) and maybe i should try other flavors of Tazo as well. BTW, green tea frap available already. I wonder how that one tastes like. Wanna find out? ;)


@Greenbelt4, kids and I decided to hang around Starbucks. The coffee shop has always been a hideout for us. We stay there to cool off a little and beat the heat with their mocha frap and coffee jelly.

I heard of lolly cakes from California and glad to see them in the shop, though, they were only available in two coatings, Strawberry with candy sprinkles and Choco with mallows and nuts. And of course, the pink one for Nicole and the choco for Kurt.

Now, where did the brown one go?
Kurt snatched his quickly! I had a bite from each to taste and they were too sweet for me. The pink one got the outer strawberry coating, inner chocolate coating and then after the cake ball inside. This is a thumb's up for Kurt's sweet tooth.


Kurt and Nicole tagged along when i went to Manila. Then right after my errands we went to hangout in Makati. We have not had a proper breakfast at home when we left so kids and I were so hungry at around 10am. We reached Greenbelt5 just to realized it will open at 11am. Just can not wait anymore we settled for Chicken Bacolod at Greenbelt.

That was what's left of what Nicole had. We ordered for Bangus belly and i do not think it was the belly part at all. Size? not worth for it's price.

Kurt had java rice and grilled chicken breast. Grilled chicken was dry. He said it was ok but he did not ask for another rice...so i guess it was not ok. HAHA! I had my share of java rice, grilled chicken as well. We had the batchoy for soup. It was a bit salty and we do not like the taste of soup at all. Kurt had his mango shake, while nicole her coke and i had my buco juice. I asked if they got buco shake but the guy said only mango (ripe and green) is available. The ordertaker recommended buco sherbet so i said ok we will have that instead. Then he came back saying "oh sorry ma'am our desserts on the menu are not available at this time." Such a disappointment. They should've known what is available on the menu first before recommending anything to their customer.

In the end, Nicole did not even finish her fish and i ended up eating the rest of the food. Then after, regretting and swearing there won't be next time on this resto.

We passed by Mesa walking our way to Starbucks thinking to myself we should have eaten there instead. Sigh! :))

10 May 2011


An all time fave! Strawberry is one of my favorite fruits and i fancy them! Here in this photo are native strawberries from the Philippine Summer Capital - Baguio. They were small red ones but some sweet and some not. When i was abroad i had really red big sweet ones which reminded me of having them with chocolate fondue. Oh 'nuff of the cravings.

Anyways, these little ones i had them cleaned up and taken off the green tops. Shout out thanks to my aunt who gave us these fruity.

06 May 2011


I just love watermelon! But this we got recently from the local market ain't that big and red much. It's juicy and sweet though. I will be hunting for a really red, seedless and big ones!

Enjoy the season of tropical fruits this summer!!!

04 May 2011


I had a great day today! Real fun with fam!

It was real hot the other day and we were just so annoyed. With the kids doing nothing on summer vacation and having this hot weather is not of any help. Boredom enters the picture. Irritations with sweats and dry air can boils up abrupt and crazy thoughts of a refreshing get away!

Called up the cuz, went for some grocery, packed up some stuff, woke up early the following day, prepared some food, carried bags, locked up the house, on and off some transpo vehicles, rode a few kilometers, until we reached destination!

Dig in for some food! Pig out and take some SPLASH!!!!!!!

Pork slices with diced potatoes, carrots and tomatoes.
Courtesy of my cuz Grace.

Grilled pork belly slices!

Dried chicken adobo

Rice noodles by Grace

Grilled Hotdogs for kiddos

Ube-Macapuno Cake for dessert

Grace's Ice Crumble

And the Chiller! Grace's Ice crumble! We just love it! Not too sweet for me. Some additional candy toppings for the kids. Aside from my Strawberry cooler drinks, this Ice crumbles beat the heat!

We had fun swimming for hours. Water splash kept the heat away for a moment. We had the pool just for ourselves. Good laughs and full tummies cooled up our day! For sure there will be a next time!!!