26 May 2013


Friends and I just had dinner and a trip to Starbucks next for an after-dinner-treat.  I always love cold drinks after and it was Green tea frap for me.

Green Tea Frappuccino® blended beverage A delightful blended beverage, created with green tea powder, ice and milk.
Mocha Frappuccino® blended beverage A blissful blended beverage, created with espresso, chocolate, ice and milk.

One of my friends, who loves chocolate cakes, tried out this.  I just had to try a spoonful of this sweetness!  Bought some choco eclairs and sandwich for the kiddos at home.

13 May 2013


Cinnabon Stix

My first love before any other pastries are the Cinnabon cinnamon rolls with nuts and frostings!  I am a sucker for those cinnamon flavored pastries.  Now also missing Cinnabon's Mochalatta Chill.  Nicole, my niece, is a fan of their Oreo Chillatta. On the other hand, Kurt, my nephew, is fond of their minibons.

Cinnabon Stix courtesy of our Samsung Sales Coordinator! Thank you!

We rate this out of 5:
Pastries and Presentation: 5 (Mouthwatering!)
Will recommend: Yay


In a place where kids call this heaven! Loving all the gummies especially those strawberry or orange based ones.  Which candy do you still like even as a grown up?

Candy photos from last Christmas...


I miss these pastries already from Café France. Thanks to our Sales Engineer from Samsung for his thoughtfulness.   I love pastries especially the ones which are not that sweet.  Paired with hot choco that would make make my morning!  Now, i wonder when again can i have a good morning breakfast with pastries and coffee or hot choco by the beach and catching up on my reading...

We rate this out of 5:
Pastries & Presentation: 5
Will recommend: Yay

11 May 2013


From the salad bar. All fresh and crunhy i got from the counter, Got greens (lettuce), tuna flakes, diced ham, cucumber. corn kernel, and slices of Jicama or Turnip locally know as "singkamas".

Lemon and wheat grass juice

Corn Soup

Ripe Mango shake

Cucumber and tomato salad (which i totally liked!)

I can't remember how they called this meatballs with tomato sauce and it was kinda sour coz of the sauce but i liked it.

I was at Cravings with colleagues.  Actually, this is a late post already but wanted to share with you the experience.  We were supposed to have just coffee and cakes but since we were starving to death at that moment we decide to just have dinner and i had these! I loved the place and ambiance considering the small space they have got. Too bad i failed to take picture of the salad counter.  The food presentation i loved as well.   I loved the food and i was full!

Satisfy your Cravings!

We rate this out of 5:
Ambiance: 4
Service: 3
Food and presentation: 4
Will recommend: Yay
Location: Café Cravings, 3/F Chef's Avenue, Festival Supermall, Corporate Ave, Alabang, Muntinlupa, (02) 850-4437